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    BEWARE Squirrel invasions throught the Tri-Valley area

    Last updated 4 hours 32 minutes ago

    Although you may think Squirrels are cute but when they invade your home and set up camp in your attic you may think otherwise. 

    Today we were called out to a home in Pleasanton with a squirrel infestation in their attic area. We were able to evict the entire family of squirrels from this attic and seal up their entry points preventing further entry.  Although the mother squirrel wasn't too happy, the homeowner was thrilled these pesky critters were out of his attic, for good!  There was no editing involved in this photo, this was the actual scene at todays visit.  Also proving what great acrobats squirrels really are.  How many squirrels can you spot? 

    Did you know Squirrels can chew through the wiring of your home causing costly repairs and/or create a fire hazard for you and your family?

    If you suspect you have a squirrel or rodent infestation, call today (925) 417-0900 or (888) 988-RATS.

    Rodents everywhere!

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Our phones have been ringing off the hook this week with Rodent Issues around the entire Bay Area.  Not only do Rodents carry diseases themselves but they can also play host to parasitic insects that transmit disease.  For more information on the diseases rodents carry please refer to this link


     Is your home rodent proof? 


    Contact us today to schedule an Inspection.

    My experience with this company was great

    Last updated 9 months ago

    • on Yelp
    • My experience with this company was great.  They were able to schedule an appointment the day after I called.  The scheduler gave me a 2-hour window and the tech arrived right in the middle. Guillermo (Mo) was quick, efficient, knowledgeable, and thorough.  He answered all my questions and didn't try to up-sell me on services... More

      Lisa G.

    How Dangerous Are Pigeons?

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Pigeons may seem like little more than a minor inconvenience, but in actuality they can pose a variety of dangerous health risks. For example, pigeons can negatively impact your home. Their feathers can make their way into your air vents, gutters, pipes, and chimneys, causing blockages and other damages. They can also pose a health and safety risk by spreading a variety of diseases through their fecal waste. Pigeon droppings can also pose a slip and fall liability, when waste is found outside of storefronts or buildings. Because pigeons play host to a variety of other pests, including mites, lice, and more, they can also spread infestations.

    To deal with a pigeon problem, contact Premier Rodent Proofing. Our experienced and professional team can identify and eliminate points of potential pest entry. Call us today at (925) 417-0900 to learn more about our full range of service offerings.

    Tips for Preventing and Treating a Bird Mite Infestation in Your Home

    Last updated 10 months ago

    As enjoyable as birds can be outside our home, bird infestations inside our homes can be nothing but a nuisance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a physical bird in your house to suffer an infestation. Bird mites, or the tiny parasites carried by birds, can enter the homes of individuals with bird nests on or around their house or in residencies that have not been properly bird proofed. Once a bird mite’s bird host is gone, they will readily bite humans and can cause a host of symptoms. Read on for information about this bothersome pest.


    Bird mites most commonly reside in bedrooms or bathrooms, but can infest other rooms. They may also inhabit the carpeting, bedding, or furniture of your home.


    Symptoms of a bird mite infestation can include frequent itchiness and the vague sensation that something is crawling on your skin. You may also notice small bites or lesions that heal very slowly. Because bird mites are most active at night, you may see an increase in your symptoms at night or in humid weather.


    The most effective way to prevent bird mites from entering your home is to work with a bird proofing specialist to identify and eliminate potential points of vulnerability. In the meantime, remove any empty nests on, near, or around your home. Also, be sure to check your home’s exterior for any crevices that may appear inviting to birds looking for nesting spots. You can also spray an insecticide designed to deter bird mites around your home’s doorways and window sills.


    If you do have a bird mite outbreak, contact a pest-control specialist to help eliminate your infestation. Use Borax on your carpet to kill any mites that may have taken up residence there, wash any potentially impacted bedding, and wiped down all hard surfaces with a combination of Borax and dish soap.

    If you are in need of bird proofing services in the Bay Area, contact Premier Rodent and Bird Proofing. Call (925) 417-0900 or visit our website for more information.

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